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Appleton Chapel.


Yesterday evening at Appleton Chapel Dr. Lawrence's text was from Acts, 13th Chapter, 36th verse, "For David, after he had served his own generation by the will of God, fell on sleep."

For most college men Cambridge is a valley of decision. Roughly speaking life is either to serve or to be served; Few deliberately choose to be served, for the many who are determined to serve, it is necessary to find out where educated men are most needed. We know that some of the professions are croweded with men who are seeking not to obtain leadership but a bare existence; but is there not one profession that has been neglected? I refer to the ministry.

The ministry offers great advantages to those who would serve their own generation by the will of God. One may say, however, that he has had no deep religious experiences, and that he is doubtful on certain questions of faith; how is he to know that it is the will of God that he become a minister. To such a one, if he has average ability and the wish to put his life where it will do the most good for his Lord Jesus Christ, I would say without hesitation that he has sufficient assurance of the will of God.

During the evening the choir sang the following anthems: Thy sun shall no more go down.- Brown; When God of old.- Hall; Then shall the righteous.- (Tenor solo) from Elyah, Mr. L. B. McCagg, class of '84.

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