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Fact and Rumor.


The Literary Monthly is due to-day.

There will be a sight examination in Greek 5 to-day.

'87 and '89 were the teams on Jarvis yesterday.

The freshman eleven will be chosen within a few days.

There is an examination in Philosophy 2, Friday.

"Coxwain" is the peculiar spelling on one of the junior crew cups.

Holden, '88 has not left college to enter the Institute of Technology as reported.

The publication of the second article on the Union is necessarily delayed until to-morrow.

The prize cups won by '87 in the class races last spring are on exhibition in Bartlett's window.

Vinton, Yale, '88, has been selected to train the candidates for pitcher of the freshman nine.

The Institute foot-ball team has been asked by Yale to play two games, one in New Haven and the other in Boston.

The Cornell college base-ball club twice last week defeated the Syracuse Stars, state champions. Scores, 8 to 5, 7 to 5.

Two Italians with a clever assortment of trained birds proved quite an attraction in front of Memorial at lunch, yesterday.

A few more chairs should be placed in Mass. 3 at once, as there are not seats enough for all in some of the larger sections which recite there.

Orders for fruit can be sent down at Memorial at dinner to be filled immediately on the arrival of the student at breakfast in the morning.

The following men have been elected associate members of the Bicycle Club: W. H. Howe, '86, Fessenden, Talbot, Wetherbee, Jackson, Cushing, Woods, '87.

The subject of the long theme which juniors in Eng. 12 are to have in place of the regular junior theme must be given Mr. Wendell in writing before Nov. 17.

Ferris says he will remain in Cambridge but a short time as he is to have charge of athletics at Dartmouth, and will take the team from that place to Mott Haven.

The Massachusetts Bicycle Club will parade in Boston, Thursday evening. It is expected that 350 riders will be in line. Harvard and the Teck will participate. The line will leave Dartmouth Street at 7.30.

The bicycle club will take a moonlight run to-morrow night to Auburndale, where they will take dinner at the Woodlawn Park Hotel and return. The run will be very enjoyable, and it is to be hoped a large number of wheelmen will turn out.

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