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W. B. Bentley '89, formerly instructor in Chemistry, has been appointed professor of Chemistry at Arkansas University.

Mr. Arthur D. Corey, a graduate of Harvard University has just had the degree of doctor of philosophy conferred upon him by the Royal Frederick William University of Berlin.- Transcript.

In the bowling tournament Saturday Gray '92, 90 pins, beat Garland '93, 60 pins, 424-394. Today Coffin '93, scratch, will play Gray '92, 90 pins, at 5 p. m. The winner of this match will play Stead in the finals on Tuesday at 2 p. m.

An hour examination will be held in French 1a next Friday at nine o'clock-the place to be announced later. The examination will consist simply of a translation of a piece of English into French. Men will be allowed to bring dictionaries.