Fact and Rumor.

There will be an examination in Latin C in Sever 37 tomorrow.

Ground was broken yesterday morning for the foundations of the new gate.

There will be a bowling match tonight in the gymnasium between the Chelsea team and the Harvard.

After the spring recess Professor Taussig will give a few lectures to all the sections of Political Economy 1 in Lower Massachusetts.

In the bowling tournament yesterday, Gray '92 (90 pins) beat Coflin '94 (scratch) 523 to 464. At 2 o'clock this afternoon Gray and Stead will bowl the finals.


The 'varsity crew rowed down to the basin yesterday.

The Yale 'varsity crew has been rowing on the harbor in the following order: Stroke, Crosby '92; 7, Mills '93; 6, Ely '91; 5, Pond '92 S.; 4, Jones '91 S.; 3, Hagerman, L. S.; 2, Graves '92 S.; bow, Balliet '92.

The Princeton nine will probably play as follows: Young, p.; Brokaw, c.; Dana, Durrell, P. King, basemen; Knickerbocker, s. s.; W. H. King, Wright, Payne, fielders; substitutes, Bergen '91, p.; Brown '92, Durke '92, c.

In Mr. M. W. Mather's paper on Solon in Greek Tradition, to be read at the Classical Seminary this afternoon at 3 o'clock in Sever 13, use will be made of the new light afforded by the recently discovered work of Aristotle on the Constitution of Athens.

The weights of the 'varsity crew and their positions as they have been rowing lately are as follows: Perkins, 170 lbs., stroke; 7, Kelton, 190 lbs.; 6, Vail, 188 lbs.; 5, Rantoul, 168 lbs.; 4 Powers, 164 lbs.; 3 Shay, 188 lbs.; 2, Lynam, 167 lbs.; Cummings, bow, 175 lbs. Substitutes, Jones, 165 lbs.; Newell, 170 lbs; Watriss, 175 lbs.