Fact and Rumor.

J. T. Heard is now training with the junior crew.

Captain Brewster of the Yale crew is sick with measles.

E. O. Hiler, '93, is ill at the college hospital with scarlet fever.

A. H. Swayne has been elected captain of the junior crew at Yale.

There are now only 10 men training with the '91, and 13 men with the '92 crew.

It is rumored that Keyes, Sp., will row bow on the Sophomore crew in a few days.

A report is to be made by the trustees of Exeter comparing the standard in college of the Exeter graduates with the standing of the graduates of other preparatory schools.

Yesterday the first freshman crew rowed as follows: Thompson, Stroke; Waters, 7; Glidden, 6; Fay, 5; Bond, 4; Johnson, 3; Wrenn, 2; Garland, bow. The second crew was made up as follows: Bell, stroke; Kellogg, 7; McDonald, 6; Saltonstall, 5; Williams, 4; Blake, 3; Morgan, 2; Clark, bow.

The Classical Club has arranged for two public lectures to be given in Sever Hall. On March 25 Professor T. D. Seymour of Yale will lecture on some subject connected with Homeric life. Professor Hale of Cornell will deliver the second lecture early in April.