The Harvard Free Wool Club.

At the annual meeting of the Harvard Free Wool Club last night in Sever 5 the reports of the retiring officers were read and the election of new officers berd. After the secretary, Carl L. Schurz, had finished his report, a complete and careful statement of the club's finances was made by the treasurer, J. R. Jenkins '91. The election which followed resulted in the choice of David Gray '92 president in the place of Lloyd McK. Garrison; C. L. Schurz '93, secretary (re-elected); W. C. Nichols '93, treasurer, in the place of J. R. Jenkins.

To make up the executive committee for the following year, besides the president and secretary ex-officio, F. S. Goodwin, L. S., C. T. R. Bates '92, G. H. Ingalls '93, J. C. Breckenridge '94, were elected.

G. F. Steedman '92 was chosen to fill the place of C. T. R. Bates '92 on the board of vice-presidents from the junior class. No elections of vice-presidents were made from '94 and the boards from the other classes were reelected. From '91, Moses Williams Jr., H. Y. Lentz, G. T. Goldthwaite, J. B. Embick, E. F. Fitzhugh; from '92, A. M. White, Guy Lowell, F. M. McDonald, Julian Codman, G. F. Steedman; from '93, N. T. Robb, L. A. Frothingham, O. G. Villard, J. O. Upton, Colvert Brewer; from the Law School, F. C. Huntington, W. H. Rand Jr., G. Hoy, O. Prescott, G. S. Howe. Of those whose names were proposed for membership the following were elected: From '91, T. Barron; from '92, E. B. Adams, W. B. Stearns, J. M. McKay, G. T. McKay, H. Whitney, A. Lockett; from '93, E. B. Bartlett, R. G. Emmet, C. E. Hutchins; from '94, J. B. Lowell, J. J. Lewis, W. McDonald, R. McAllister.

Congressman W. C. P. Breckenridge of Kentucky, who lectured under the auspices of the club on the Responsibilities of Power, was elected an honorary member. Votes of thanks were then unanimously passed to the retiring officers. Before the meeting adjourned Lloyd McK. Garrison addressed the club and briefly summed up the work of the past year and the possibilities of the organization for the future. He regretted the fact that the name of the club rather suggested the idea of an organization formed to advance exclusively the cause of free trade than a general reform club based upon the tenets of the advanced wing of the Democratic party. The club showed its intention of holding several meetings during the spring and it is probable that such men as Sherman Hoar, George Fred Williams, John E. Russell, Dr. William Everett and Curtis Guild will be invited to speak on subjects touching the many reforms so urgently needed in our modern American politics