MANDOLINS.- Those men who loaned mandolins for the Hasty Pudding play would confer a great favor by leaving them again at the club house before 2 o'clock today.

R. L. EMERSON.'92 CLASS NINE.- The following men must be on Nortons at four o'clock sharp to play the Boston Latin: Allen, Chase, Lockett, Curtis, Wrenn, Lake, Hunt, Gray, Spalding, Hale, Young, and Hollis.

NOTICE.- There will be a full rehearsal of the H. P. C. at Union Hall, Boston, today (Thursday), at 4 p. m. Be on time.

CRICKET TEAM.- More candidates wanted. Every one interested come. Holmes Field at 4 p. m.

A. C. GARRETT, Capt.CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION.- A regular meeting of the society will be held in Lawrence 1 at 6.30 p. m. All members of the University are cordially invited to attend.


A. L. SHAPLEIGH, Sec.GEOLOGY 8.- The spring excursions under Professor Davis and Dr. Wolff will begin this week. Division A leaves Harvard Square Thursday at 1.05 p. m. Division B leaves Harvard Square Thursday at 2 p. m. Division C leaves Harvard Square Friday at 1.05 p. m. Division D leaves Harvard Square Saturday at 9 a. m.

W. M. DAVIS.THE Shooting Club will meet today at 2 o'clock, weather permitting.

ENGLISH C.- The fourth set of briefs and the third set of forensics will be returned in Sever 10 on Friday, April 17, at twelve o'clock. The fourth forensic will be due in Sever 10, Wednesday, April 22. After Tuesday, April 21, The consultation hours in the Library will be discontinued until further notice.