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The price of board at the Foxcroft Club has been materially diminished.

The game announced to be played today between the freshman nine and the Newtons has been cancelled.

The subject of Dr. Everett's address before the Reform Club will be on the Ethics of Political Service.

There are four four-oared crews training daily at the Weld boat house for the scratch races in May.

Through some mistake the provisional list of the finals omitted Music 2. There will be an examination in this however.


President Elliot spoke at the meeting of the Alumni of the Phillips Exeter Academy which took place last Wednesday.

Taylor '94, who recently resigned the leadership of the Freshman Glee Club, has been induced to accept the position again.

At the University of Virginia no holidays are given, with the single exception of Christmas. Lectures proceed on Saturdays, Thanksgiving, New Year's Day, and Washington's Birthday, just as if there were no such things.

Professor J. J. Hayes of the elocution department will give four Shakespeare readings at the Mason and Hamlin Hall, 155 Tremont Street. On the evening of Tuesday, April 21, he will read "Twelfth Night;" on April 24 "As You Like It;" on April 28 "Much Ado About Nothing;" and on May 1 "A Midsummer Night's Dream." The readings will begin at 8 o'clock.