Crew Notes.

The 'varsity crew rowed in a shell for the first time on Friday. The men seemed absolutely enable to row the boat on an even keel, and came in that night considerably discouraged over the day's work. On Saturday they went out in the shell again. M. R. Peet of New York, coach of the Columbia crew for several years, was on the launch. Mr. R. C. Watson was also on the launch and coached the crew in conjunction with Adams, L. S. The men had great difficulty again in keeping the boat on an even keel. It was not until nearly dark that they finally mastered the shell and kept it even for a considerable distance. The port men lift the boat and the starboard men let their oars cut under. Nearly all are behind the stroke at the catch, they all hurry the slide, and most of them are slow getting their oars away from their bodies.

Mr. Watson coached the '93 crew Saturday forenoon. The order was changed to the following: Stroke, Burgess; 7, Davis; 6, Miller; 5, Ellsworth; 4, Slade; 3, Earle; 2, Pike, bow, Brewer. The crew rowed over the two mile course on time.

On account of the illness of Watriss, Captain Porter is making up the junior boat as follows: Stroke, Jones; 7, Stearns; 6, Steedman; 5, Weed; 4, Porter; 3, Heard; 2, Hubbard; bow, Kidder. Jones has changed sides and is setting a good stroke. He is well supported by Stearns.

Captain Parker of the '91 crew is about again; his reappearance has put new life into the seniors. The crew has suffered much from the loss of Fitzhugh and the illness of some of the other men. There is good material in the boat, however, and now that the men are working together again, steady improvement may be looked for.

The freshmen have been improving a great deal lately, and ought to feel encouraged to work with a snap and determination which they have not yet shown. Now that it is decided that '94 will meet both the Yale and the Columbia freshmen at New London, the men ought to awaken to a full appreciation of the work which they have ahead of them. Both these crews are good ones, and if '94 wins she will have to have a good crew. There are some fairly good men in the class, and with plenty of hard work a fast crew can be developed.