Fact and Rumor.

Taylor '94 has gone home on account of sickness.

Keyes '93 has not been rowing for several days owing to sickness.

McClung '92 has been taken to the training table of the Yale nine.

R. B. Beals has been appointed official scorer of the freshman nine.

The Harvard cricket eleven will play their first game with the Mystics of Medford on April 25.

The 'Varsity Glee, Banjo and Mandolin Clubs will give a concert in Salem tomorrow night.

The candidates for the '94 crew have been reduced to eleven. The crew rowed in the following order on Saturday: Glidden, stroke; Waters, 7; Williams, 6; Johnson, 5; Fay, 4; Bond, 3; Thompson, 2, and Loring, bow. Carpenter, L. S., coached as usual.