HARVARD GLEE CLUB.- Rehearsal at 7 p. m. in Roberts Hall.

C. T. DOLE.'91 NINE.- All men must be on Norton's at 4 o'clock sharp.

FRESHMAN BANJO CLUB.- Rehearsal at 1.15 p. m. today at 754. Cambridge Street.

E. P, MERWIN, JR.HARVARD BANJO CLUB.- Rehearsal at 7 sharp.

MANDOLIN CLUB.- Rehearsal tonight at 8 o'clock sharp in 31 Weld. Very important.

K. WOOD.SHOOTING CLUB will meet today at 2 o'clock, weather permitting.

'93 NINE.- The following men must be examined between 2 and 3.30, preferably at time appointed: Gilmore, Collamore, Parker, Sanborn, Winsor, Dinsmore, Jackson, Merriam, Conro, Ingalls, Farquhar, MacVeagh, Falk, Johnson, Whitmore.

'92 CLASS NINE.- The following men must be on the Cambridge Common at 4 sharp: Lake, Hunt, Wrenn, Curtis, Chase, Lockett, Spalding, Hale, Young, Hollis, Brown, Allen and Codman.

'93 NINE.- Candidates for the '93 nine must be on Norton's Field at 3.30 sharp. Game with Boston Latin.

FRESHMAN GLEE CLUB.- Important rehearsal in Lawrence Scientific School at 8.15.

H. U. B. B. C.- The following men will be at Leavitt's at 10 o'clock sharp to go to Worcester: Soule, Bates, Upton, Cobb, Howe, Trafford, Hovey, Cook, Dickinson, Alward, Hallowell, Mason, Frothingham.

HARVARD CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY.- There will be a meeting of the board of directors of the Harvard Co-operative Society at Dane Hall on Monday, April 20 at 4.45 o'clock. Important business.

THOMAS W. LAMONT, Sec.LOST.- A book containing notes on Phil. 4. The finder will confer a favor by returning to T. Everett, 41 Mathews.

LOST.- About March 10, a copy of Proud's History of Pennsylvania belonging to the College Library. Finder will please leave at the delivery desk of the library. 54-3t.