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Henceforth Geology 4 will meet once a week on Wednesday.

Yale will establish an annex as soon as funds are provided.- Ex.

There are eighty candidates for the Mott Haven Team at Princeton.

Twenty-seven juniors have elected Chemistry at Dartmouth.

Bowers, the Yale pitcher, is doing excellent work in the box.


A copy of a Yale song book is to be translated into Hindustance.

Alexander of Amherst put the shot 37 ft. 10 in. at the athletic meet held at New Haven, Mar 21.

It is estimated that the number of colleges in the United States is increasing at the rate of fifteen a year.

May 1st has been assigned for the recitation of the third memorized passage in French 6.

The marks of the last hour examination in Geology 4 were announced yesterday.

The Dartmouth juniors have a new elective this term, Physiological Psychology, Mr. Fairbands instructor.

Professor J. H. Thayer, D. D., spoke at the monthly meeting and dinner of the Universalist Club last Monday.

Professor Channing requests all men in History 1 who are late at a lecture to take the vacant seats along the wall so as not to interrupt the lecture.

The last subscription concert of the season will be given by the Boston Sympohny Orchestra in Music Hall tonight.

The twenty-eighth annual athletic championship between Cambridge and Oxford was won by Cambridge on March 20. Cambridge won six and a half firsts to two and a half by Oxford.