English 6.

Debate for April 30, 18gr.Question: Resolved, That President Harrison should be re-nominated by the Republican party.

Brief for the Affirmative.L. H. ROOTS and W. P. JONES.

Best general references: Stanwood, History of Presidential elections; Tribune Almanac, 1891; Speeches of Roger Wolcott and Secretary Tracy, Boston Herald, April 9, 1891; Public Opinion, Oct. 11, Dec. 6, 1890, Jan 3, Jan. 10, Feb. 28, 1891; Landon's Constitutional Hist. of the U. S.

I. It has been customary to denominate a President for a second term, e. g. Lincoln, Grant, Cleveland: Stanwood, Presidential Elections, passim.


II. President Harrison has fulfilled his pledges to the country: [a] Economical administration. [b] Civil service-judicial and other appointments, e. g. Judge Brown, Roosevelt, Windom, Foster: Abridgment of Message and Documents. 1889-90, pp. 804-806; Pub. Opinion, Oct. 11, 1890, Jan. 3, Feb. 28, 1891; Boston Post, April 24, 1891. [c] Interest in honest elections, 2d Annual Message, Boston Journal, Dec. 1, 1890; Pub. Opinion, Dec. 6, 1890. [d] Support of Tariff and Pension legislation, Secretary Tracy's speech, Boston Herald, April 9, 1891.

III. The administration has maintained a wise and vigorous foreign policy: [a] Bering Sea controversy; Pub. Opinion, Jan. 10, 1891. [b] Reciprocity treaties; with Brazil, Pub. Opinion, Feb. 28, 1891; with Spain, Boston Advertiser, April 21 and 22, 1891, p. 4. [c] Italian complications, Pub. Opinion, Mar. 28, 1891.

IV. Harrison unites his party: [a] Has carried out the platform, Tribune Almanac, 1891, for State Platforms, 1890. [b] Blaine's supporters are satisfied. [c] Has aided in the Passage of the McKinley Bill.

V. Harrison's popularity will ensure his re-election;- popularity manifest in his tour through the South: he possesses the qualities most needed in the chief executive,- common sense, and inflexible honesty. Landon's Const. Hist. of the U. S., p. 173.

Brief for the negative.S. PARSONS and A SUTRO.

Best general references: Atlantic LXV, 766; Boston Globe, April 12, 1891.

I. Harrison is not his party's leader.- [a] Failure to originate national issues; Blaine the father' of reciprocity, Boston Post, April 21.- [b] His party renounces him and chooses Blaine; Republican Convention at Cincinnati; Republican Club, Mass.; Boston Post, April 21, 22; Globe, April 10, 11, 12, 22; Herald, April 9; Memphis Avalanche, Nov. 10.- [c] Misunder stands his party's principles; Birmingham Speech, Post. April 18; Johnson City Speech, Post, April 16.

II. Harrison has shown unfitness and incapacity for the office of President.- [a] His administration has been marked by numerous scandals.- [1] Pensions-[2] Wanamaker and House Postmaster-[3] Cottage by the Sea.- [b] His appointments have been governed by selfish and partisan motives, e. g. Russell Harrison, Egan, Clarkson, Tanner, Leeds; Nation XLVIII, 375, 435. Revival of N. Orleans Carpet-Bag ring, Nation XLIX, 101.- [c] Weak message in Dec., Public Opinion, Dec. 6, 195.

III. Harrison responsible for the defeat of his party in 1890: N. Y. Sun, Nov. 15, 1890; Nation, March 12, 1891.- [a] By making no effort to check the reckless and indefensible legislation of Cong. including pensions, tariff, new states and increase of silver purchase.- [b] The election showed that the people disapproved of the administration.

IV. [1] Harrison has paid no attention to the demands of the people since; clung to the Force Bill and McKinleyism.- [2] Blaine the choice of the people and should be nominated.

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