Fact and Rumor.

Number 4 of the Lampoon came out yesterday.

Marks for the hour examination in English A are out.

The resume which is due in French 2 on Monday is on Brittanicus, not on Cinna, as reported in yesterday's CRIMSON.

French 2 will begin La Triade Francaise on Friday.

There were cuts yesterday in Professor J. M. Peirce's courses.


Hereafter there will be but on recitation a week in Geology 4, the Monday and Friday lectures being omitted.

The make-up of the freshman crew is changed nearly every day. The men rowed yesterday as follows: Glidden, stroke; Bond, 7; Shea, 6; Waters, 5; Fay, 4; Johnson, 3; Thompson, 2; Loring, bow.

The athletic committee have given the Cricket Club permission to go to New Haven on June 6 to play the scheduled match there with Yale, and the club is now canvassing the college in order to raise sufficient funds to defray expenses. The challenge has been accepted and the date for the match fixed.