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A meeting of the graduates of the Harvard Medical School will be held at the Boston Medical Library 19 Boylston Place today at 11.30 a. m., to organize the Harvard Medical School Association.

The first meeting of the representatives of the New England colleges to take definite action on the university club project will take place next Monday. The rumor that Harvard and Yale are excluded is authoritatively denied.

The election of the Harvard Dining Association last evening resulted as follows: For president, A. R. Crandell '92, 388, G. W. Lee, L. S., 109, G. E. Wright, L. S., 77; for vice-president, C. R. Nutter '93, 399, J. W. Richards, Sp., 121.

The following are the entries and handicaps of Harvard men who will take part today in the B. A. A. games: One hundred yards dash-E. B. Bloss, 1 yard; T. Richardson, 6 yards; G. F. Brown, Jr., scratch; S. Wells, Jr., 7 yards. Eight hundred and eighty yards run-W. D. Boardman, 35 yards; A. M. White, Jr., scratch; G. Lowell, scratch. There will be no three mile walk as has been advertised. The games begin at 4 p. m.