Fact and Rumor.

A new running track at Andover has just been opened.

Yale beat Brown on Saturday by a score of 7 to 6.

The Bowdoin juniors will wear caps and gowns on Ivy Day.

The Yale freshmen will celebrate their victory tonight.

The theatricals of the Conference Francaise take place tonight in Brattle Hall.


Boston University has been presented with a new astronomical observatory.

Athletics at Bowdoin College will hereafter be managed by one general committee.

The net profits from the performances of "Antigone" at Yale amounted to $2, 063.

Professor Norton has been elected president of the Cambridge Civil Service Association.

In the Yale-Brown game on Saturday the Browns made 13 with a total of 18 hits off of Bowers.

The first seven of the Signet from '93 are H. Ware, S. F. Batchelder, G. K. Bell, W. V. Moody, R. T. French, R. Norton and E. S. Mullins.

The senior class at Wesleyan have decided by a vote of 16 to 14 to do away with their class exercises.

S. D. Judd '94, who was shot in the arm not long ago, has recovered sufficiently to leave the hospital.

THE first game of the series between '91 and '94 will be played on Monday. The second game will be played on Tuesday, if Captain Dean consents, and the third game on Friday.

The cricket eleven played a draw game with Lowell Saturday. Garrett's brilliant stand for 54 runs saved the game. The score when time was called and there was still one wicket to fall, was 104 to 84 in favor of Lowell.