HARVARD GLEE CLUB.- Rehearsal at 7. Everyone must be present.

H. U. C. A.- There will be a meeting of the Association on May 13 at 7.30 in Grays 12.

'91 NINE.- The following men will be on Jarvis at 3.30 sharp: Mason, Babbitt, Guerin, Parker, Austrian, Corning, Luce, Simons, Cummings, Weld and Crosby.

THE last meeting of the Harvard Camera Club for the year will be held in the rooms of the Union of Clubs on Monday, May 11th. This is the annual meeting for the election of officers for the ensuing year and all members of the club are urgently requested to attend.

C. H. FISKE, JR., Sec.BEGINNING today (Monday) all sections of Political Economy 1 will meet in Lower Massachusetts at 9 o'clock, for lectures on Financial Legislation by Professor Taussig.


JANITOR'S OFFICE, HEMENWAY GYMNASIUM.- Lockers may now be re engaged for next year; after Commencement Day those not re-engaged will be leased to other members of the University in order of application. Before leaving, the locker-keys must be returned to this office whether the lockers are retained or not. Anything found in the lockers or dressing-rooms at the close of the year will be regarded as abandoned.