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Apropos of the nine, would it not be a good scheme for the base ball management to arrange a series of games between the various scrub nines which are now beginning practice, and to offer cups as prizes to the members of the winning team? This was done last year and we see no reason why the arrangement should not be repeated. Perhaps a series of games for a scrub championship will not develop any very valuable material for the present or for future 'varsity nines, but it will serve to keep alive that healthy interest in base ball throughout the student body upon which the success of future 'varsities must ultimately in no small measure depend.

Tufts College held its field day exercises at Mystic Park yesterday.

A resume of the "Barbier de Seville" is due in French 2 on the 18th.

Rev. J. D. Wickham, '15, Yale's oldest living graduate, aged 94 died on Tuesday.

An athletic club has just been organized at Hartford with more than 100 members.

Cornell has challenged the Atalantas to an eight oared shell race to take place on Cayuga Lake.

The Fencing Club and the editors of the college papers were photographed yesterday.

Gould has been put stroke of the Yale crew, and Simms who has been rowing stroke has taken Gould's place at No. 2.

The Glee Club nine defeated the Crimsons by a score of 15 to 14. The feature of the game was the second base playing of Cary.

Andover will probably not enter a team for the interscholastic meeting on June 6 on account of faculty regulations. She will however send down separate men to compete.

Yale introduced a new feature in her class races yesterday. The course was one mile in length, and 'varsity and freshmen, juniors and sophomores rowed in two separate heats. The winners rowed in the finals. This gave two excellent opportunities to notice the work of the Yale 'varsity eight.