Cycling Race Meet.

The second annual spring meeting of the H. U. C. A. was held on Holmes field Saturday afternoon. There was a prevailing feeling in college that several records would be broken; in this respect and in the attendance the meeting was a disappointment. Harvard has however, every reason to congratulate its representatives on their excellent showing. Starting out at the beginning of the year under unfavorable conditions, the men have proved their willingness to work for the interest of the college, and it much to be regretted that the college as a whole did not show its appreciation of the fact by a large attendance.

The preliminary heats in the one-mile ordinary were won by Scott, Sydenham A. A., first time 3 min. 1-5 sec., Zimmerman, N. Y. A. C., second; 2d heat, Murphy, N. Y. A. C., first, time 2 min. 54 2-5 sec., J. Clark, C. B. C., second. Taylor, while spurting around the bend in the last lap, fell, partly through a foul and partly through his own fault, but the referee allowed him the ride in the final heat. This event was a decided farce. For two laps the men loafed. At the beginning of the third lap the third lap the speed was quickened; the men finished, Murphy, N. Y. A. C. first, time 3 min. 39 4-5 sec.; Zimmerman, N. Y. H. C. second, and Taylor, H. U. C. A. third.

The one mile safety, solid tires, was an exciting race between Tyler, H. B. C., Pratt and Olmstead, H. U. C. A. Pratt made a plucky spurt in the last lap, coming in but a few feet behind Tyler, who won in 2 min, 56 3-5 sec.; Olmstead third.

Murphy, N. Y. A. C., Davis of Harvard and Bache of the Highlands B. C. were the starters in the one mile safety, scratch, open, pneumatic tires. Davis won in 3 m.

Kimball, R. L. S., took first place in the one mile ordinary, interscholastic, time 3 min. 7 3-5 sec. Townsend, Phillips Andover, second, and Pierce, R. L. S. third. Kimball and Townsend kept very even throughout the race, finishing within half a length of each other.

The large handicap in the half mile ordinary were too large for Zimmerman, N. Y. A. C., the scratch man. In the first heat Connolly, 60 yds., came in first, O. B. Hawes, 35 yds., second. Hallock of Amherst had a long lead and would undoubtedly have won had he not lost control of his machine while rounding the curve and fallen. J. Clark, C. B. C., 30 yds., won the second heat; E. J. Clark, 75 yds., second. The final heat was one of the prettiest events of the afternoon. Hawes quickened his speed at the beginning of the second lap and by an excellent spurt passed all three men, winning in 1 min. 18 1-5 sec; E. J. Clark, C. B. C. second, J. Clark, C. B. C. third.

Simpson '93, Hutchinson '93, Macallister '94, and Keller '94, came to the scratch in the one mile safety race, 3.20 class. Macallister took the lead and kept it throughout the race, although Keller pressed him hard and finished a close second. Time 3 min. 14 sec. Hutchinson '93 was third.

The eighth event was a handicap one mile safety. Tyler, H. B. C., with a handicap of 140 yds., won easily in 2 min. 34 2-5 sec. The main interest lay in the struggle for second place between Rich, N. Y. C. A., scratch, and Davis, H. U. C. A., 30 yds. Rich passed Davis and led until within a hundred yards of the finish, when Davis, by a magnificent spurt, pushed ahead and won by about a length. Time 2 min. 40 3-5 sec. The last lap was ridden in 37 seconds. This gave Harvard 2 firsts, 2 seconds and 2 thirds, or 18 points; the N. Y. A. C. 12; the H. B. C. 10, and the C. B. C. 3.

The following is a list of the field officers:

Referee, A. D. Peck, Jr., B. A. A.; judges, A. J. Cumnock '91, J. P. Lee '91, M. Chamberlain; timers, J. G. Lathrop, G. S. Mandell, B. A. A., F. M. Wood, B. A. A.; starter. T. C. Smith '92; clerks of the course, C. R. Bardeen '93, H. R. Allen, Jr., '92, A. S. Walcott '91; scorers. J. H. Rhoades '92, R. Norton '93, W. H. Young '92; umpires, W. H. Wright '92, G. R. Fearing '93, G. F. Brown '92, O. K. Hawes '92; marshals, W. B. Greenleaf, Philip W. Davis.