Harvard 127; Haverford 81.

The first intercollegiate cricket match resulted in a decisive victory for the Harvard eleven who won by an innings and 46 runs. Harvard's play showed great improvement in both batting and fielding, and indicated that the team is stronger as a whole than it has been for several years. The fielding was sharp and clean, and was marked by several good catches. The bowling of Garrett in the first inning and C. Skinner in the second was remarkably effective. For Harvard, S.

Skinner, MacVeagh, Quinby, Hewes, and C. Skinner all batted well, while Muir was the only Haverford batter to reach double flgures. The game with Pennsylvania will be played Wednesday, June 3, on Holmes field. The score:


Parker, b. Knipe, 2

S. Sinner, Run out, 27

Garrett, b. Knipe, 4

Quinby, c. Morris, b. Muir, 18

Sullivan, run out, 11

S. Skinner, c. Thomas, b. Muir, 11

Wells, c. Hoag, b. Muir, 2

Griswold, c. Jenks, b. Muir, 3

Davis, c. Morris, b. Knipe, 0

Mac Veagh, not out, 23

Hewes, c. Blair, b. Muir, 15

Byes, 5; leg byes, 5; wide, 1, 11

Total, 127