SOUTHERN CLUB photograph will be taken in front of Sever at one o'clock today.

CRICKET TEAM.- The photograph will be taken today (Monday) at 1.30 at Pach's studio.

HARVARD REFORM CLUB.- All men who have been elected to the Harvard Reform Club this year and have not received a shingle or paid their dues must do so at once. The secretary is prepared to receive dues and give out shingles at his office hours, Mondays and Wednesdays from 12 to 1.

C. L. SCHURZ, Sec.EVERY freshman is requested to be at the rear of Memorial Hall at 1.30 sharp on Tuesday to be taken in the class photograph.


GEORGE C. LEE, JR.THE Shooting Club will meet today to shoot for the Founders' Cup.

INSTITUTE OF 1770.- The annual dinner will be held at the Parker House, Boston, on Thursday, May 28, at 7 p. m. All who intend to come must sign at Leavitt and Peirce's before Tuesday noon. Price, $2.50.


Per order COMMITTEE.HARVARD ROWING CLUB.- There is a sneak thief among the men who use the Weld Boat House who has been taking rowing clothes and articles of value from the lockers. Members of the club are warned to leave all valuables in the charge of the janitor when they are rowing.

H. U. B. B. C.- Entries for the scrub base ball championship will be received until Monday, May 25, at 6 p. m. The name of the nine, its captain and a list of the players must be sent before that time to

ARTHUR P. STONE, 132 North Ave.THE senior class will be photographed Thursday, May 26, at the rear of Memorial Hall at 1 o'clock sharp. The freshman class at same place at 1.30.

PHOTO. COMMITTEE.LOST.- A brown paper envelope containing about 50 pages of manuscript (bibliography) consisting of small slips pasted upon larger sheets. Please address at once H. H Field, 8 Harris St., N. Cambridge.