CLASS OF '90.- All members of the class resident in Cambridge who are interested in having a subscription dinner held in Boston, after the examinations, are requested to meet at 25 Hollis, Wednesday, May 27, at 7.30.

J. W. LUND, Sec.EVERYBODY who wishes to go to New Haven to see the Yale freshman game on Saturday will please sign the blue book at Leavitt and Peirce's.

GEORGE C. LEE, JR.THE Southern Club will be photographed today at one o'clock sharp back of Sever Hall.

PHOTO. COMMITTEE.HARVARD REFORM CLUB.- All men who have been elected to the Free Wool Club this year and have not secured a shingle or paid their dues must do so at once. The secretary is prepared to receive dues and give out shingles at his office hours, Mondays and Wednesday from 12 to 1.

C. L. SCHURZ, Sec.86 3t


TENNIS LEAGUES.- The reserved courts will be used exclusively this week for the postponed league matches and tournament. All postponed matches must be played off this week.

W. D. ORCUTT, Sec.