FRESHMAN GLEE CLUB.- Members will be photographed at Pach's on Friday at 2 p. m. All who received shingles or are entitled to receive them are to be taken in the picture. 87-3t.

CHESS AND WHIST CLUB.- Regular meeting tonight. Mr. Hill of the Boston Chess Club will be present to play against members of the club.

CRICKET TEAM.- The following men will be at Bartlett's at 1 o'clock to play Mystic: Quinby, S. Skinner, C. Skinner, Parker, Hewes, Davis, Corning, MacVeagh, Wells, Griswold.

A. C. GARRETT, Cap.MEMBERS of the Glee Club nine will meet on Norton's Field at three o'clock sharp this afternoon to play the CRIMSONS.

S. E. FARWELL, Capt.SENIORS who cannot send their photographs for the Harvard Portfolio before Thursday, will be photographed in groups on Wednesday at 1.30 back of Sever.


CLASS OF '91.- The members of the class must pay up the first installment to the class fund before June 1. Checks may be made out to M. O. Simons, treasurer, and sent to 14 Holworthy or the money may paid to any member of the class committee.

SHOOTING CLUB.- The annual dinner of the Shooting Club will be held Saturday night, May 30, at Parker's at 7 o'clock. All members of the club are urged to attend this dinner. Blue book is now at Leavitt's for signatures.

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