THE following books and other articles have been left in Sever 24 and may be had by applying to Professor Sanderson: 3 La Fontaine's Tables-one marked "C. Bullock," one "Seat 7, Sever 11," one "Karaka Jim." 1 Bourgeois Gentilhomme marked "C. G. Winslow." 1 Roulier marked "P. L. Saltonstall." 1 Dumas' Trois Mousquetaires-no name. 1 Immensee Marked "C. Bullock." 1 Lessons on Elem. Physics marked "M. Gerstle." Notes on Pol. Econ. 4; 1 pair gloves; one odd one.

AN OXFORD CLUB has been organized to promote the social interests of members of the University of Methodist Affiliations. Men desiring to become members will please notify the secretary,

W. C. BAR, 14 Shepard St.HARVARD REFORM CLUB.- All men who have been elected to the Free Wool Club this year and have not secured a shingle or paid their dues must do so at once. The secretary is prepared to receive dues and give out shingles at his office hours, Mondays and Wednesdays from 12 to 1.

C. L. SCHURZ, Sec.86 3t

CLASS OF '91.- The members of the class must pay up the first installment to the class fund before June 1. Checks may be made out to M. O. Simons, treasurer, and sent to 14 Holworthy or the money may paid to any member of the class committee.


WE will accept photographs of seniors for insertion in the Portfolio until Saturday, inclusive.