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To the Editors of the Daily Crimson:

Of those who attended the game on Holmes Field Monday afternoon there could have been hardly any one who has the interests of Harvard athletics at heart who was not disgusted and mortified at the exhibition given by our nine. Mr. Dean at the beginning of the year found that he had more than tolerable material for a nine at his disposal; some work was done during the winter, and the first few games on Jarvis were well played. Altogether our prospects of winning the baseball championship were rather bright. But since early in April there has been no improvement-on the contrary the playing has been growing poorer-and what is still worse, the nine is shiftless and does not seem to care to improve. With the exception of three or four men, the team apparently lacks a conscientious determination to learn the game. It is almost unnecessary to add what nearly everyone must perceive, that the flelding is slipshod, the batting weak and aimless, and the base running stupid.

It is quite clear that some change in the management of the nine is greatly to be desir d. With all respect for Mr. Smith and Mr. Thayer, who have watched the practice for a few weeks, it is confidently believed by alarge proportion of the upper-classmen who take an interest in the nine that our wisest counsellor and best manager of ball players ought to be consulted. Last year Captain Linn trusted entirely to his advice, and he freely gives to this experienced graduate all credit for the excellent showing which the '90 nine made against one of the best teams that Yale ever had. Whether the absence of this graduate from the list of advisers of the nine is due to Mr. Dean's personal prejudice or to an accidental oversight, he ought to be consulted at once. If Mr. Dean will act on this suggestion perhaps the nine may defeat Yale after all.


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