Fact and Rumor.

The second drawing of college rooms will be held on Saturday.

Case will probably pitch for the Yale freshman nine next Saturday.

The third special report in History 14 will be given out tomorrow.

Lowell '92 will receive a $50 gold medal for breaking the mile record last Saturday.

In view of the spring concert the Pierian Sodality has recently taken on a number of new members.


The spring Glee Club concert has been postponed from the 14th of May to the 15th on account of the Boylston prize speaking.

By the will of George Draper of Nahant, Harvard University is to get a share of the residue of his property, after a few minor bequests have been paid.

Wales '91 has been chosen cpatain of the Yale cricket eleven.

Yale beat Bridgeport at cricket, 51 to 28.

The subject of gowns for Commencement has been actively agitated at Princeton during the last week. The sentiment in favor of them seems to be almost unanimous among the seniors.

At the coming meet of the H. U. C. A. the New York Athletic Club will be represented by a very able team, consisting of Murphy, Zimmermann, Hayland Smith, Cornell, and Rich.

A high wind affected the records made on Monday at the Yale spring meeting. The winners were as follows:

100 yards dash-A. H. Jones, 10 2-5 sec.

220 yards dash-A. H. Jones, 23 4-5 sec.

440 yards run-L. Schoville, Jr., 54 4-5 sec.