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The Outing.


Outing for May has a number of contributions which cannot but interest Harvard men. Malcolm W. Ford's article on "Sprinters and Their Methods," which occupies the place of honor, is an excellent exposition of sprinting as distinguished from long-distance running, and good descriptions are given of the foremost sprinters of the day, their modes of setting and starting, and methods of running. Among the athletes thus described are Wendell Baker '86, Luther Carey of Princeton, John Owen Jr.. of Detroit, F. Westing, and H. M. Johnson. Mr. Ford ends his article by giving some helpful hints to the would-be sprinter on exercise and practice.

That veteran tennis player, Dr. James Dwight, contributes a brief article on "Lawn Tennis in New England" in which all college tennis players will take a lively interest. Dr. Dwight describes the first game of tennis played in New England (in 1875 at Nahant), when the enthusiasm of Dr. Dwight and his opponent for the game was so great that rainy afternoons they would play in rubber boots and coats rather than lose a day, and thence traces the history of the game up to the present year.

In "Athletics at Amherst," Mr. H. A. Cushing gives an account of the different branches of sport at this college, the nine, eleven, track athletic team, and the old crew of 1875, their origin their origin and development. For in athletic development, the work of Amherst has been one of originality rather than of imitation, and it has happened not infrequently that the system in use at Amherst has been adopted, in modified forms. by other institutions of learning. Pictures of the various teams are included in the article.

"Harry's Career at Yale," to which the publishers of Outing call particular attention, is a serial story depicting the amenities and asperities of a boy who goes through Yale College. The first installment appears in this number.

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