Fact and Rumor.

There will be a cut in Greek 6 today.

The cricket eleven plays at Lowell today.

Second drawing of college rooms today.

There will be no whist tournament this year.

There will be no recitation in Philosophy I Monday.

The "scrub" nines are beginning to be re-organized.

The pictures of the Pierian Sodality were taken yesterday.

There will be an examination in French 4 next Tuesday.

The Stonehams (Wood '91 captain) will play Exeter today.

The Yale '94 nine and its supporters arrived in Boston last night.

German B themes are due Monday instead of Tuesday, which was the original date.

Howe, Mason, Wood, Soule, Hale and other Harvard men will play on the Stonehams this summer.

Beginning on Monday, Professor Taussig will do all the lecturing in Political Economy 1 until the finals.

The concert of the freshman glee and banjo clubs for the benefit of the '94 crew will be held in Brattle Hall on May 19th.

The preliminary speaking for the Boylston prize will be held in Sanders Theatre today at nine. The final speaking will be held May 14.

Tuesday and Friday have been decided upon as the days for two of the senior-freshmen games. The date of the final game has not yet been fixed.

At a meeting of the Lampoon board yesterday, M. D. Follansbee '92 and S. F. Batchelder '93 were elected regular editors, and R.B. Beals '94, a business editor.

Several trial races were held on Holmes yesterday. In the half mile Wright '92 won with White '92 second; in the quarter Mullins '93 and Wells '91 ran a dead heat with McNear second; Cook '92 won the 220 with Hawes '92 second, and in the 100 Brown '92 won with Shead '93 second.

At the last meeting of the Harvard Bicycle Club F. S. Pratt '94 was elected captain. The club has decided to hold two hare and hounds runs this spring in order to develope new men for the fall road races. The first, which will be a slow run, will be announced in a few days. Every man who owns a machine is requested to take part. The run is open to all members of the University. Cups will be given as usual.