'91 NINE.- The following men will be on Jarvis at 11 sharp: Guerin, Crosby, Austrian, Simons, Weld, Babbitt, Nichols, and Parker

IF the man who left a sweater in Roberts Hall will identify it he may have it by calling at 7 Grays.

THE following men will find the cups won by them in the hare and hounds runs last fall, at Leavitt and Perce's: T. P. King '91, G. Lowell '92, J. Manley '93 (3), J. O. Nichols, L. S., G. L. Batchelder '92, H. A. Davis '91, and A. Blake '93.

JOSEPH HOWLAND HUNT, Treas. H. A. A.WANTED.- Owners for a gripsack and a pair of new shoes left at Pach's Studio, Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

H. WM. TUPPER, Manager.CRICKET ELEVEN.- The following men will meet at Bartlett's at 11 o'clock. Train leaves Boston for Lowell at 12 o'clock: Davis, Hewes, Parker, S. Skinner, C. Skinner, Quinby, Griswold, Nicholson, Shope.

A. C. GARRETT.ENGLISH C.- The brief for the fifth forensic will be due in Sever 10, May 12, before four o'clock. The fifth forensic will be due May twentieth. After May fifth Mr. Thompson and Mr. Baker will be in the Library at the consultalion hours. 3tod

'94 NINE.- The following men will be out on Holmes Field today at 2.30 sharp: Corbett, Minton, Dickinson, Quiglev, P. Cabot, Clark, Frothingham, Harding, Linnfield, H. Cabot.

J. B. LOWELL, Temp. Captain.