Harvard 41; Yale 28.

The cricket eleven met Yale for the first time at New Haven on Saturday and won the match by 13 runs. The crease was soaking wet when play began, but nevertheless the bowlers, especially Garrett, C. Skinner, and Street did some excellent work. The Yale team went to the bat first and was retired for 28 runs. The feature of the inning was Lineaweaver's drive for 2, and the steady play of Tibbitts and Broatch who stayed in together for about half an hour without making any runs. The Harvard team did not score very fast, but had no great difficulty in topping Yale's figures. Corning with 12 runs and S. Skinner with 10 led the batting. A second inning was begun and Yale was retired for 36 runs in spite of the interest some of the Harvard fielders showed over '94's success in another part of the field. Harvard then went to the bat and had one run to make to tie Yale's total, and four wickets to spare, when time was called. The score then went back to the first innings. It was as follows:


Garrett, c. Green, b. Street, 2

S. Skinner, b. Street, 10

C. Skinner, b. Street, 4


Quinby, b. Street, 1

Sullivan, c. Davies, b. Wales, 8

Corning. c. Tibbitts, b. Wales, 12

Austrian, b. Street, 0

Hewes, b. Street, 2

Davis, c. Green, b. Street, 1

Henry, b. Street, 0

Smith, not out, 0

Byes, 1

Total, 41