The Loan Furniture System.

A copy of the following appeal has been sent to each member of the senior class by Professor Peabody:


DEAR SIR:- The plan begun three years ago, of a loan system of furniture for students, is to be enlarged this year. Thirty students were assisted by it last year. The committee of officers and students who have it in charge propose that I should ask the members of the graduating class to help it. Do you care to contribute to it any furniture of such a quality as may be useful to other students? If so will you kindly fill out the enclosed blank and send it to me in the accompanying envelope?

A messenger will then call upon you at such time as you may indicate, and will, at your convenience take away what you are willing to give.

Books and pictures of a serviceable nature will also be welcomed.

Respectfully yours, For the Committee,

FRANCIS G. PEABODY.The experiment, as tried last year was very successful, and this year ten new sets of furniture will be bought making in all enough to supply about fifty persons.

Complete sets of furniture, valued at $50 each, will be rented on deposit of $7.50, of which sum $2.50 will be returned at the end of the year, on the return of the furniture in good condition.

Students wishing to avail themselves of this opportunity should make early application to E. M. Moore, 11 Felton Street, Cambridge, stating their need and the rooms they propose to occupy. A specimen set of the furniture to be thus supplied may be inspected June 25th-27th, and September 24th-25th, between 9 and 4, at the old gymnasium, opposite the south door of Memorial Hall.