A Need of the Geological Department.

CAMBRIDGE, June 10, 1891.

To the Editors of the Daily Crimson:

GENTLEMEN-I beg leave to call the attention of graduates who may feel some interest in the department of Geology of Harvard College to the fact that an effort is now making to secure the sum of $15,000 to meet the needs of additional instruction during the next five years.

The considerable success of this department in providing students of the University with the training which fits them for professional work has led to demands upon it which can only be met by certain additions to the teaching force. The money which may be given for this fund will be altogether devoted to the payment of three of four assistants and instructors, whose services will greatly extend the range and value of the instruction.

Although the effort to secure this fund has just begun, the generous gift of $2,500 made by Col. Chas. Fairchild, and a number of other lesser amounts which have been promised make the officers of the department hopeful that the sum will be secured. Although the amount of money which the Committee of the Overseers is now endeavoring to procure is inadequate for any permanent support of the department it may safely be reckoned that the gain in its conditions which will thus be secured will not hereafter be lost. Subscriptions may be sent to Hon. John Simpkins, chairman of the committee appointed by the Board of Overseers, Hall of the Senate, State House, Boston, or directly to the Treasurer of the College, 50 State Street.

Very truly yours,