THE '93 Institute will be photographed in front of Sever this morning at 9 o'clock sharp. 1 2t

O. K.- The annual Strawberry Night will be held Monday evening, June 15, in 16 Holworthy. The second eight from '92 will be taken in. All past members are invited to be present.

THE Summaries are on the desk in U. 2.

GEORGE LYMAN KITTREDGE. June 10th, 1891.FRENCH A AND FRENCH 1a. (Section B).- Corrected blue books and reports are in Sever 23, and should be taken up at once.

F. C. DE SUMICHRAST'92 FOOT BALL ELEVEN NOTICE.- The following men will please meet at my room at 8 p. m. tonight: Curtis, Weed, S. Berry, L. F. Berry, Steedman, Newell, Draper, MacDonald, Putnam, Neff, White, Henry.


W. C. FORBES, 34 Thayer.