Special Notice.

TO LET.- For Class Day, the house and grounds 13 Bow St. Suitable for a spread. 91-tf.

THE HARVARD PORTFOLIO will be put on sale on Tuesday or Wednesday, of next week. Copies of all the cuts may now be seen at Thurston's, the Co-operative and at 14 Stoughton. In a day or two samples of the book complete will be shown and subscriptions received at the above places, at Memorial Hall, and at the Foxcroft House. All of the leather copies have been spoken for except fifteen. Students leaving town may have the book mailed to their home address at our expense. 0 3t

SEMINAR in Geology 2, Saturday, 8 p. m., at 16 Stoughton.

G. D. BUSSEY, '91.0 4t

TUTORING in German A, French A, and French 1a.


W. F. GIESE, GR., 60 Mt. Auburn Street.2 2t

POLITICAL ECONOMY Ia and Ib.- A section will begin Railroads Friday at 10 a. m.; another, Banking, at 3 p. m.; another, Cairnes, on Saturday at 2 p. m.

J. A. BAILEY, 31 Stoughton.