From New London.

NEW LONDON, JUNE 14, 1891.

At five o'clock Friday afternoon the freshman crew in charge of Coach Parker arrived at the boat house on board the Skipjack. All hands look fresh and ready to do the best kind of work. The crew is to use the '93 class boat. The new paper boat made by Waters is about useless, and this one is not much better, though the '93 crew used it only this year. Parker tried his men for a few minutes after supper in order to try the rigging. At present the crew is made up in the following order: Stroke. Glidden; 7, Bond; 6, Shea; 5, Waters; 4, Fay; 3, Blake; 2, Thompson; bow, Loring. Substitutes, Johnson and Williams. This is strong crew and ought to row fast. The worst fault in the crew work is the bad break at 6.

The ' varsity crew is rowing hard and improving rapidly, but still seems to be very slow. The boat rides better than any time this year. The crew took its first time row Saturday afternoon with the men in the following order: Stroke, Powers '92; 7, Kelton '93; 6, Vail '93; 5, Cummings '93; 4, Lynam; 3, Rantoul '92; 2, Watriss '92; bow, Newell '94. Coach Keyes has been giving the men considerable pair-oar work. Burgess '93, and Jones '92, are substitutes. Burgess relieves Powers at stroke each day in order that the latter may not be come over trained.

Captain Perkins went to Boston to have his arm treated Thursday and returned Saturday afternoon with its condition much improved. He will probably be in the boat soon. Much to the inconvenience of Mr. Keyes, the launch was delayed on the way and did not arrive in New London till Friday night, and at the quarters till Saturday afternoon.

Mr. Hurlbut acts as proctor at the examinations that have been held every day since the crew arrived.

The roof of the new boat house was nearly completed last night. It is hoped that everything will be working normally by Thursday next.


The Columbia crews are out twice a day. They have been here some time, and their backs are as much browned as usual.

The Yale crews came Saturday and of course will be the object of the greatest interest at the Harvard quarters. It is this season that the Yale 'varsity calls upon the Harvard crew.

All the men feel well and seem to have a larger amount of vigor since they came here. A more confident feeling seems to pervail.

G. H. K.