Senior Class Notice.

Sales of tickets to all members of the University will take place from 1.45 to 3 p. m. today at 1 Stoughton.

All purchasers are reminded that a strict observance of the conditions under which every ticket is sold is absolutely necessary in order to have the tickets accepted. Mr. Jo nes will be at Harvard Hall today from 2-3 p. m. to give yard and tree tickets to graduates. There will be a sale of tickets to graduates not present members of the University on Wednesday from 1.45 to 3 p. m. at 1 Stoughton.

Every senior is urged to be present at Dane Hall at the hours appointed.

Every senior must have a ticket for himself to obtain admission to the yard, Memorial Hall, or the Gymnasium in the evening.

The Committee will refund tickets in 1 Stoughton from 12.30 to 1 p. m. This is the last day for refunding.


J. L. DODGE, Chairman Class Day Com.