Fact and Rumor.

There is a chair of English vacant at the University of Pennsylvania.

Commencement Week at Trinity College will begin Sunday, June 21.

Seniors can get their sophomore themes today between 12 and 1 at 18 Grays.

The Yale Law School will graduate sixty students this year. This is the largest class that has ever graduated.

The graduating exercises of the English High and the Cambridge Manual Training Schools took place in Sanders Theatre last night.

Six of the Yale Divinity students have been granted licenses to preach. Last year the number of licenses was seventeen.

In the finals of the Yale tennis tournament L. R. Parker '92 beat B. P. Hollister, thereby winning first place. He plays R. P. Huntington '91.

Plans are being prepared by a Newport architect for a new $100,000 war college building at Coasters' Harbor Island, for which an appropriation was made by Congress some time ago.

A volume will soon be presented to the Harvard University library containing manuscript copies of all the commencement programs of the college from 1780 to 1890, and specimens of the order of commencement exercises at intervals from the first graduation, in 1642, to the Revolutionary War.- Ex.