'91 CLASS SONG.- Every senior who possibly can, and especially all who did not come yesterday, must come to the rehearsal of the Class Song in Dane Hall this afternoon at 1.45. The final rehearsal will be at the same time and place on Thursday.

K. MCKENZIE, Chorister.THE marks in English A will be given out this afternoon from 4 to 6.

H. B. LATHROP.TICKETS for the Harvard Yale observation train will be on sale at Thurston's Thursday morning. They will be sold at first only to students, and no one will be allowed more than ten. Price $2.00 each. 3t

ENGLISH 12.- May themes will be returned Wednesday, June 17, from 12-1 at Grays 18. Seniors may obtain their sophomore themes at the same time and place.

HARVARD ROWING CLUB.- There will be an important meeting of the Harvard Rowing Club at the Weld Boat House, Wednesday, June 17, at 3 p. m. Changes in the Constitution and nomination of officers for the ensuing year will be brought before the meeting.

JANITOR'S OFFICE, HEMENWAY GYMNASIUM.- Lockers may now be reengage for next year; after Class Day those not re-engaged will be leased to other members of the University in order of application. Before leaving, the locker-keys must be returned to this office whether the lockers are retained or not. Anything found in the lockers or dressing-rooms at the close of the year will be regarded as abandoned. It is especially important that the up-stairs lockers be vacated by Class day, on account of the Gymnasium spreads and dancing.