Michigan 4; Harvard 3.

The University of Michigan nine won a game from Harvard on Holmes Fieid yesterday afternoon. The visitors fairly outplayed Harvard who lost the game through disastrous fielding errors and the inability to hit the ball safely. Codd, the Michigan pitcher, had no very remarkable curves, but he was fairly swift and proved very effective in keeping hard hit balls within easy reach of his fielders. His men supported him well, fielding very cleanly and playing with much snap throughout the entire game.

For Harvard. Bates did good work during the first part of the game; weakening a trifle, however, in the last innings. He suffered some from the umpire's decision on balls and strikes. He was off in his throwing to bases and made a couple of costly errors in wild throws to first. The infield did not give him anything like clean support. Altogether the nine played a poorer game than it has for some time past.

For the first two innings Harvard blanked Michigan. In the third Cook tried to cover Hovey's territory for him, but failed, fumbling Spitzer's grounder. Bates' wild throw to Trafford sent him to third. The next batter, Walsh, hit a hard bounding ball to Bates who fumbled; and Spitzer came home.

In the next inning Pearson hit safely to right. The next batter made a scratch hit between Bates and Cobb. Bates threw the ball wild to Trafford and Pearson got to third. He came in on Kelley's sacrifice.

Michigan did not score again till the seventh when she got two tallies. Spitzer made a safe hit to left and got around to third on Walsh's hit to right. Codd hit to Trafford who fumbled, and Spitzer scored. Walsh got to second on the play, and Codd took first. An out advanced Walsh a base. Then Upton, in attempting to throw down to second, hit the striker's bat and Walsh reached home.


In the first inning for Harvard Dean got his base on balls, stole second, took third on Hallowell's sacrifice, and scored on second baseman's error. Harvard did not score again till the ninth inning when, with the score four to one against her, she made a desperate effort to retrieve the game. Dean led off with a long three bagger to right. Then Hallowell knocked a sky scraper to left field. It fell directly in the fielder's hands but he dropped it, and Dean came in. The crowd of spectators woke up and began to do some vigorous cheering. Hallowell took second on the throw in. Hovey and Trafford both hit to short; and their sacrifices brought Hallowell home. Two men were out and a run needed to tie. Frothingham flied out to right field and ended the game.

One of the features of the game was Frothingham's terrific drive to left field in the fourth inning. If the ball had not struck the willow, the hit would surely have netted four bases. This, with Dean's triple, were Harvard's only safe hits. A line catch by Trafford was also noteworthy. With three men on bases in the fourth the batter drove a high line ball which Trafford jumped and got. In the eighth with one man out and a man on second and third Cook caught a hot liner and made the double at third unassisted.

The score:


a. b. r. b. h. t. b. s. h. p. o. a. e.

Walsh, c. 5 1 2 2 0 3 1 0

Codd, p. 4 0 0 0 1 1 7 0

Abbott, r. f. 4 0 0 0 1 1 0 0

Pearson, 3b. 4 1 2 2 0 0 1 0

Wilkinson, l. f. 4 0 1 1 0 1 0 1