Fact and Rumor.

Professor Barrett Wendell has sailed for Europe.

The "Pop" concerts at Music Hall were begun last evening.

Proofs of the freshman class photograph may be seen at Pach's.

At the opening of the new athletic field at Andover five new records were made.

The garden party at Wellesley will be held on June 18 this year.


Ten members of the faculty of the new Stanford University have been chosen.

In the scrub series the Alphas beat the Vignocks by default yesterday afternoon.

Willard, who used to play for Harvard is playing first base on the Staten Island A. A. nine.

Only three A's were given in English B this year, although the general standing of the work done in the course was higher this year than usual.

A graduate, now in Germany, writes that Beyreuth tickets are fast being sold and that any Harvard men who are intending to attend this summer ought to send orders soon.

The Yale crew were coached lately by "Bob" Cook. In a spurt of one mile the crew made the quickest time, for the distance, ever made by a Yale eight on the New Haven Harbor.- Ex.

The Beacons beat Exeter last Saturday 6-5. Soule '93, played on the Beacons. This annual game between the Beacons and Exeter has been played every Memorial Day for the last 21 years.

A report to the effect that Professor Royce had accepted a professorship in Philosophy at the Leland Stanford, Jr., University in California has appeared of late in several papers. We are assured that the report is mistaken and that Professor Royce has no intention of going to California, or of leaving his present position.

The candidates for the Columbia freshman crew have been reduced to eleven men, whose weight and usual order is as follows: Stroke, Nichols, 167; 7, Perine, 147; 6, Buckhout, 163; 5, Demarest, 164; 4, Meikleham, 163; 3, Pardow, 148; 2, Benkard, 148; bow, Douglas, 142. Subs., Holder, 148, Kraus, 142, and Hamilton, 147. Average weight, 153 lbs.