Fact and Rumor.

The Butterfingers defeated the Spiders 20 to 6.

Yale defeated Stagg's nine on Monday 13 to 9.

The check system at Memorial begins today.

Professor Sumichrast will hold an extra reading French 6 this morning.

J. D. Baldwin '93, has been coaching the sophomore crew at Wellesley during the past few weeks.


As it was cloudy last night, the seniors visit to the observatory was postponed until the next pleasant evening.

The Roxbury Latin School nine defeated Brown and Nichols yesterday afternoon on Norton's by a score of 4 to 3.

Mr. Cornish of the B. A. A. has been training some of the Roxbury Latin School men on Holmes Field for the interscholastic meeting on Saturday.

Cary, of Princeton, broke the world's record in the 100 yards dash at Morris Park last Monday. His time was 9 3-4 sec. The record will probably be accepted.