Freshman Class Meeting.

At a meeting of the freshman class yesterday, Manager Morgan read the following report about the money collected for the crew:

Subscriptions, $1,342 25

From Glee Club concerts, 50 00

Money left over from baseball

band, 100

Total, $1,393 25

Amount paid out for the support of the crew up to date, $1,275 20

Amount remaining in hands

of the Manager, $118 05

Captain Perkins then addressed the class, saying that it was a rule of the graduate treasurer not to let a crew go to New London unless there was money enough on hand to pay all expenses and that as $1,200 had to be collected before the crew could leave Cambridge, he advised all the men present to pay up what they could and to go around among their friends and get them to pay up also. He added that the crew was a good one and had a good chance of winning the race and that it would be an everlasting disgrace to '94 as well as to the college to have the crew crawl from the race on account of not having enough money to go to New London.