Vice-Presidents of the Republican Club.

The vice-presidents which are provided for in the constitution of the Harvard Republican Club, have been elected as follows: Five from the Law School, five from each class, and five from the university at large. They are:

From the Law School - W. R. Bigelow, L. A. Burleigh, W. H. Flint, H. Hudson, and A. K. Stearns.

From '92 - T. G. Bremer, R. C. Robbins, F. N. Watriss, E. J. Lake, and J. E. Stevens.

From '93 - L. P. Sanders, R. Bisbee, H. G. Nichols, T. Hoppin, and R. Stone.

From '94 - C. F. Clarkson, H. A. Cutler, S. Conger, Jr., L. Heckscher, H. A. Frothingham.


From '95 - G. C. Lodge, R. W. Harrison, N. P. Dodge, W. Glidden, W. Wadsworth.

From the University at large - G. C. Mead, Gr., O. D. Hammond, Sp., G. A. Reisner, Gr., J. Cummings, Gr., A. M. Chase, Gr.