Base Ball.

The Carey building presents a lively appearance every afternoon with the many candidates practicing for the 'varsity nine. About twenty-five men, besides the candidates for pitcher and catcher, and last year's nine and substitutes, have gone into active training. Most of the men of last year's team have not yet commenced to train and probably will not turn out until after the mid years.

Captain Frothingham is at present in New York but will return tomorrow. In his absence, B. W. Trafford '93 is acting as captain. "Tim" Keefe, who pitched for Philadelphia last year, is coaching the pitchers, who doubtless will gain many valuable points under his instruction. The following batteries practiced in the cage yesterday afternoon. J. A. Highlands, L. S. S. and F. C. Cobb, D. S.; P. L. Spalding '92 and H. Cabot '94; J. Wiggin '93 and J. Corbett '94; A. A. Highlands '94 and H. M. Clarke '94.

The freshman candidates are being trained under R. D. Wrenn, temporary captain. The daily practice consists of catching grounders, light dumb-bell work and short runs.

Downer is coaching the pitchers. The candidates for pitcher and catcher have not yet been divided into pairs. The following practiced yesterday: Pitchers, Reid, Webb, Peters, Coonley, Orwig, G. Smith, W. T. Smith, and Brousseau; catchers, Boyden, Bull, Stein and Cornish. There are eight freshmen practicing with the 'varsity squad.