Freshman Crew.

It is with no little pleasure that we can look upon our freshman crew with great hopes of its success next June at New London. Surely it will not be a beefy crew, but is that any reason why it should not win? We may rest assured that it will be a lively one, made up of good, sinewy little fellows who are at work with a determination to be the possessors of the oars they row with in the race next June. They feel that they can do it and they have good reasons for such feelings. They have a better coach than any other freshman crew here for years. Dan. F. Jones '92 has had 'varsity training for two years, besides rowing on his winning freshman crew. It will also be remembered that he took his class crew in a deplorable condition last spring and in about two weeks turned out an easy winner in the May races. He is an able and conscientious man. He can surely be depended upon with the class of men he has to work with to turn out a very fast freshman crew. The class and college ought to rejoice that the prospects are so good.

At present there are three crews at work. They row half an hour each - one crew in the tank, the other two crews upon the weights - take a good run, and some light work with dumb-bells and chest weights. There are good men on the 2nd and 3d crews. Some of them may be expected to go to the first crew at any time. All will have a good chance to show what they can do. They will receive all possible attention from the 'varsity management, a thing almost unknown for some years past.

Below is the order of the men as they work at present, together with their weights:


Stroke, Capen, 152


7 Briggs, 152

6 Cook, 161

5 Stackpole, 171

4 Goodwin, 160

3 Purdon, 150

2 Davis, 163

Bow, Cameron, 150


Stroke, Irving, 142

7 Klein, 156