Junior Appointments at Yale.

The following is the list of men from the junior class at Yale who have received appointments of the four highest grades, philosophical orations, high orations, orations and dissertations:

Philosophical Orations. - Begg, Chatfield, W. Dwight, Eddy, Fay, Grafton, Hay, Strong, Vaile, Wachsman, Warnock, Wheeler. - 12.

High Orations. - Bowns, Hastings, Heermance, W. Lamson, Lyon, Merritt, Peirce, L. Welles. - 8.

Orations. - Abbe, C. Avery, Bacon, Barnes, Boardman, Bosworth, Creevey, Ewing, Faxon, Field, Gallaudet, Kyle, Osborn, Runk, Wheelock, White, Woolner, Wright. - 18.

Dissertations. - Bixby, Breckenridge, Breeze, L. Brown, Bull, Cartwright, Cravens, Donnelly, Hackett, Higgins, G. Mills, Nadler, Quintard, Rice, Rogers, Shaw, Spence. - 17.


Besides this there were 23 first disputes, 14 second disputes, 13 first colloquies and 22 second disputes.

In all 127 appointments have been given this year - 13 more than any preceding class has received. 20 men hold either Philosophical or High Orations, and thus become members of the Phi Beta Kappa. Of these eight are New England men, five of them from the Hartford High School. It is noticeable that none of the Phi Beta Kappa orations are held by men from Andover, Exeter, or St. Paul's, which are Yale's largest preparatory schools.

The athletes of the class make a very good showing, 19 out of 28 having received appoints. One man on the class crew has received a Philosophical Oration; one man on the 'varsity crew a high oration; one man on a class crew, and one on the athletic team have received orations; and two class crew men, one on the athletic team, and one tennis representative have received dissertations. Lower appointments have been given to one 'varsity crew man, five class crew men, one man on the eleven, one man on the base ball team, and three on the athletic team. Of the three '93 men on the 'varsity crew two received appointments, of the eleven men on the class crew nine received appointments, one out of four men on the foot ball team, the only man on the nine, five out of eight on the athletic team, and the only tennis representative in the class received appointments. This is a very good showing for athletic men.