How '92's Scholars Stand in College.

In examining the provisional list of commencement parts which was published in Saturday's CRIMSON and additions to which are printed this moning, it has been difficult to draw any exact conclusions as to the character of those men who have taken the highest rank in their class. In order, however, to ascertain in a rough way what kind of men it was who stood so high, the following table has been prepared. The table is necessarily very incomplete, but it will help to answer the question.

As regards men on the university teams it should be said that outside the Mott Haven Team, '92 has but four men, none of whom is included in the two mentioned below. "Otherwise athletic" includes substitutes, and all men who have identified themselves at all strongly with athletics.

In drawing the line between society men and non-society men the task has been rather difficult. As the object is to get at the number of men who besides studying have seen something of the social side of college life, the members of the following social and literary societies were included: the Hasty Pudding, the Pi Eta, the Institute of 1770, the Delta Upsilon, the O. K. and the Signet.

In addition to the six men who have taken their degrees in three years, are three who entered to advanced standing.

Orations. Dissertations. Disquisitions.


'Varsity teams, 0 1 1

Class teams, 0 5 6

Otherwise athletic, 0 6 5

On college papers, 1 6 3

In societies, 2 23 27

Not in societies, 3 20 28

Three years men 0 1 6

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