ALL candidates for the '94 crew will row at 2.15 sharp today.

L. LORING.HARVARD-YALE DEBATE. - No tickets will be reserved for members of the Union after 12.30 Sat. Jan. 9.

J. M. PERKINS,4 Stoughton.ANOTHER squad of the Mott Haven teams will train at 3.30.

JOHN S. COOK.As many men as can are asked to train with the morning squads of the Mott Haven team.

J. S. COOK.HARVARD UNION. - I shall be in Stoughton 4 today from 12 to 12.30 to receive membership dues and to give shingles to members who have not received them.


A. B. KEELER,Secretary.FRENCH 1a. - At the recitation today (Saturday), blue books must be handed in by students in Section I.

MADEMOISELLE de la Seigliere (the play), will be begun on Tuesday next.

F. C. de SUMICHRAST.COLUMBIA THEATRE SERVICES. - All those who are to sing at the Columbia Theatre Services on Sunday evenings will leave Harvard Sq. by the 6.14 South Boston Car. Get off at Washington St.

YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. - The last fifteen minute meeting of the week of prayer will be held this evening at 6.30 o'clock. The regular Sunday meeting will be held tomorrow evening at 6.30. Students are cordially invited to be present.

WILLIAM C. DAMON,Recording Sec.'95 CREW. - First two crews will be dressed ready to row at 3.15. The third crew will row at 4.

W. M. BRIGGS,Temporary Captain.ALL candidates for the University nine, except the members and substitutes of last year's nine, will meet in the Trophy Room of the Gymnasium, Monday, Jan. 11th, at 7.15 p.m. All candidates for the positions of pitcher and catcher whether they have been members or substitutes of the nine before or not will report at 7.30 the same evening.

L. A. FROTHINGHAM,Capt. H. U. B. B. C.