There will be a meeting of the CRIMSON Board in the Sanctum at 8 p. m. Every editor please be present.

'93 ELEVEN. All candidates for the senior eleven be on Nortons field at 2.00 sharp.


J. H. PARKER.Prof. Hayes will meet his voluntary classes in elocution, in Holden Chapel on Mondays and Fridays at 2.30 p. m.

2tVARSITY FOOT BALL. - Practice will begin at 3.00 sharp. If any man cannot be dressed ready for play at that time he must see me before 1 p. m. today,

All those who do not tackle before playing must tackle immediately after practice.

'95 Eleven. - All candidates be on Nortons at 2.30 sharp.

R. D. Wrenn.Harvard Rowing Club. - Open to all members of the University, Weld Boat House on Boylston St., open daily through out the autumn. Men may join at Thurston's or on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 10-11, at 26 Holyoke House.


W. R. Peabody, Sec.FRESHMAN FOOT BALL. - All backs will report on Nortons field at 3.30 sharp. All others at 4 sharp. Let every man be on time.


B. W. TRAFFORD, Capt.Freshman Banjo Club. - All candidates for the Freshman Banjo Club who have not yet tried, please meet at 1 Hilton Block, Tuesday evening at 6.30.


L. A. MYERS, Temp. Leader.Varsity Crew. - Candidates for the 'varsity crew who are not playing foot-ball will meet in the rowing-room of the gymnasium, dressed for rowing, at 4.15.

D. R. Vail.Freshman Crew. - Candidates for the freshman crew will meet as usual at 3.15 and 3.45.

D. R. Vail.Harvard Banjo Club. - Rehearsal tonight at 6.30 in 24 Hastings.