Conference Francaise.- There will no meeting of the conference this week. On Monday next, in No. 8 Roberts Hall, at 8 o'clock, Prof. Van Daell, of the Institute of Technology, will address the society on the "History of the First Productions of the Bourgeois Gentilhomme."

2t H. S. STONE, Sec.Class of '95. - Every '95 man be on Jarvis at 3 sharp today to support his class.

R. W. EMMONS, Pres.'Varsity Eleven. - Practice on Soldiers Field. Barge leaves Cary Building at 3.45 Everybody must be dressed to take the barge sharp on time.

'94 Eleven.- The following men will be at the Gymnasium dressed for play at 2.45: Lee, Cabot, Earle, Gardner, Gleason, Brooks, Borden, The following at 3.30 sharp: Whitney, L. Davis, Williams, Clarkson, Wheelwright, McDaniel, Cary, Wrenn, Ladd, Frothingham, Jackson.

R. B. BEALS,Holders of season tickets are notified that hereafter no admission will be given to those who leave their tickets at home. Don't ask at Box Office.

2t Per Management.H. A. A. - Entries to the freshman games may be made at the gymnasium Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, between eleven and one o'clock. The entrance fee for each event is twenty-five cents.